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So beautiful. Like you.
Life, it seems to me, is a series of interstate highways; you travel at a certain speed on a certain trajectory, when suddenly you're interrupted by a confusing exit, difficult road conditions, temporary loss of your sense of direction, and, most soul searching of all, a crossroads. As you were a couple of years ago, you, ma soeur, are again standing at a big one. From one free woman to another, I doff my hat. I know which ever direction you choose, you'll take the scenic route.


Thank you, Lucia.

Knowing me as you do, and being yourself a free woman with built-in Taurus DNA, you can perhaps appreciate how ironic -- and naïve, perhaps -- is my very sincere for everything to stop effing moving, already. But neither I, nor life, seem to be made for that.


Yes so here we are at another crossroads. So glad that you are still on board. The trip wouldn't be diddly without good traveling companions. That means you. XOXO.


Wait, what? Paris?!??! I thought you moved to the Valley.


Kek, my sources tell me that Reseda is often mistaken for Paris so in that regard you are not far off.

Looking forward to seeing you on the island -- that's Roosevelt Island, right? Or was that Governor's?


So, are you moving back to LA? or the Bay Area?


Excellent question, friend. The answer is "neither." I keep meaning to post on the subject but getting out of Dodge -- or "le Dodge" I suppose -- has been taking all the energy I can muster.

Frances N. Damas

I had not read your blog for such a long time that you leaving Paris was an emotional hit that took me by surprise. I don't know why the tears came except that I felt for you. I lived in Rio for two years and had made many friends too and I guess it transpoted me to the time that I left (my own choice also). I also needed to come home to family and friends but it was an experience I'll never forget and will always be grateful for. Hope to continue reading your blog wherever you decide to live. Regards, Frances. P.S. Still CANCER FREE!!!



Thank you so much for your thoughtful note. And for your tears. I think of you oftener than you know. Hearing that you continue to be cancer-free makes my day.

But truly, I keep waiting to hear that you have bought your ticket to CDG! Do not forget to keep me posted on your travels. I will do just the same.

My best wishes to you,


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