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Christina Filios

Hey Jean: I just wanted to send you my best wishes on your next move. You have been a tremendous motivational and inspirational force in my life and I've never thanked you properly. You have been ridiculously kind to me for years, and my life is so much better for it. I would love to talk to you again, and was looking forward to finding you in Paris to do so recently, but you've moved. I wish you incredible success as you are due, and thank you again for being a superb human being.


Christina Filios, as I live and breathe. Not so long ago Jill and I were sitting in Berkeley enjoying a nice cocktail hour asking ourselves where you had gotten to. I had promised her that I would ask Clay & Richard to tell me where to find you and -- voila -- here you are on my blog. Where would any of us be without the internets? I will send full greeting under separate cover....thank you though in the meantime for well wishes and kind words.

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