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O.M.D. Where to start? This post filled me with so many emotions, not the least of which was gratitude. I LOVE Caroline Loeb, and had long ago forgotten that fact. Thanks for reviving my adoration. Les Toilettes at Musée Baccarat were GORZWHAH - how I longed to dawdle over a red lipstick touchup. The Dufy painting, what can I say but thank God for Google, and I couldn't agree with you more. And my own experience with that famous French inflection is this: my next door neighbor in L.A.'s greetings subtly changed in the nearly 8 years I lived on McManus; the last time I saw him and his wife (here in Oakland at their daughter's show at Mills), he called me "Hon-eee", which is kind of hilarious, hearing that French accent wrap itself around such an American endearment.
I'll just bet your friends in Paris were asking when you'd be back. You, cheri, are a treasure.


Hon-eee! So glad you enjoyed the post-game highlights. I think a good goal for us is to visit Paris together one of these days. How does 2010 sound?

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